Since 1977    Olathe's Only Locally Owned Newspaper    Serving Olathe and South Johnson County

Gazette Publisher & Staff

The GAZETTE was founded in 1977 by Keith Johnson and is published 24 times a year in Southern Johnson County, Kansas with emphasis on Olathe, Kansas. It is distributed at over 150 locations, including Wal-Marts, Price Choppers, Hy-Vee, offices, hospitals, retail, waiting rooms, break rooms and other high traffic locations throughout Olathe and portions of Overland Park, Lenexa, Spring Hill and Gardner. Also, home delivered to selected neighborhoods in the Olathe area.

Founder & Publisher: Keith E. Johnson

Associate Publisher: Ann E. M. Johnson

Senior Editor: Robert Parrish MacLean

Senior Contributing Editors: Joann Walker LaCerte, Bob Millbern, Dena Van Eaton, Steve Baska, Lisa Vaughan

Contributing Editors: Joe Huddleston, Dr. Hadley Warwick, John Koehler, Glen Van Eaton, Marieanne Koehler,   Diane Hart, Jim Silvers, R.J. Thesman, Laurie Todd, Rec. Carl Irwin, Char MacCallum, Cliff Ball

Business Contributor: Matt Galvin

I.T. Support: Luke Morgan

Proofreader: Ann Moody, Jan Leinbach, Gary DeVault

Editors Emeritus: Jim French, E. Edgar Moore, Vince Koehler, James Lee, George Collins

Circulation: Voyager Distribution Services



Keith E. Johnson, Publisher

1616 Sunvale Drive
Olathe, KS 66062
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